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Micronutrient deficiencies are common in our population. I am on record as saying that dietary supplements are not substitutes for good diets, but they are good insurance against gaps in the diet. I grow a lot of my own food, prepare it myself, and am thoughtful about what I eat. I also take a good daily multivitamin/multimineral supplement and advise you to do so, too, because I consider it another good and safe measure to optimize emotional and physical well-being.
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Dr. Weil's Vitamin Advisor | Free Recommendation | Vitamins & Supplements for Women & Men

Dr. Weil's Vitamin Advisor is an online questionnaire that yields a personalized, comprehensive recommendation for vitamins and vitamin supplements based on your lifestyle, diet, nutrition, medications, and health concerns.

This 4-step questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete, and generates a free, no-obligation vitamin supplement recommendation that is personalized to meet your unique nutritional needs.

If you choose to order vitamin supplements after receiving your recommendation, you will receive The Weil Complete Program vitamin supplements. These are premium quality, evidence-based vitamins in the proper doses. They will match the supplement recommendations from Dr. Weil exactly. These daily vitamins and vitamin supplements will be custom-packed just for you in a convenient dispenser box and shipped directly to your door.

Why Should I Take A Vitamin Supplement?
If your diet is consistently "ideal" or "optimal" you may not benefit from a nutritional vitamin supplement program. But recent research shows that many people may benefit from supplementing their diet with a multivitamin and/or other vitamin supplements.

Please remember that vitamin supplements won't compensate for a poor diet - but they can help fill nutritional gaps in a good one. Your objective should be to make sure that you're eating a healthy, varied diet that meets your nutritional needs.

Why Do I Need More Than Just A Daily Vitamin?
In general, a vitamin supplement may benefit men and women alike, and a daily multivitamin is recommended by Dr. Weil for nearly every person.

Taking a daily multivitamin and nutritional vitamin supplement ensures that you get the energy you need to drive metabolism. In addition, if you're not eating regularly, if your diet is not rich in fresh foods, and if you don't get plenty of fruits and vegetables, a multivitamin may help you fill in the gaps.

However, many multivitamins may not offer all the nutritional ingredients you need. Based on your gender, age, lifestyle and medications, other specific supplements may be recommended that are typically not found in the average multivitamins. Take the Vitamin Advisor survey now, to see what other essential nutritional supplements will be best.

Benefits of Vitamin Supplements
All vitamins and supplements available for purchase from the Vitamin Advisor are custom formulated, based on Dr. Weil and his Science Advisory team's extensive research and study of nutritional needs and supplement benefits. Your multivitamin packs are designed specifically for you, with the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Our proprietary algorithms help ensure elimination of possible supplement interactions, and formulate your vitamins in exact dosages for optimal efficacy.

Dr. Weil and MegaFood
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